Happy Founder's Day!

J uly 19 is the Directorate Founder's Day , (or the equivalent date on the Dirandan calendar). It is notorious in modern times as the date Asher VonTesmar's reign of terror over the Directorate ended at the hands of his youngest child. (See: Peacekeeper , in the original series) Of course now that the Chronicles are being restructured, a few small things have changed, but the date and the event remain the same. 

Welcome to Diranda Studios!

This blog is the main site for, which is Diranda Studios, by JK Verley (aka Tabitha Bradley). I have several smaller blogs for the writing and developing work that I do for various projects, including  Portal 2 , Myst and other universes, as well as the primary site for my science fiction series: The Dirandan Chronicles. I am a retired professional author, writing under the name Tabitha Bradley.   I'm a digital artist, as well as a freelance (read volunteer) story developer for Myst Online: Uru Live Again .